News - 100,000 access data ends up in the Darknet

By Mike Hesp

100,000 access data ends up in the Darknet

Access credentials of ChatGPT users are increasingly being tapped. Meanwhile, 100,000 login credentials have ended up in the darknet.

The number of ChatGPT logins that ended up in the darknet has exceeded 100,000, according to reports the security company Group-IB.

The data was uploaded between June 2022 and May of this year. The passwords were stolen using the "Raccoon Infostealer" malware, Group-IB said. Through phishing emails, ChatGPT users downloaded the malicious software.

The malware grabs login credentials, history and cookies stored in browsers. Also crypto wallet information can be compromised.

This information "is actively traded on dark Web marketplaces," according to Group-IB.

Most ChatGPT credentials were reportedly stolen in the Asia-Pacific region. Among European countries, the most data was intercepted in France: about 3,000. In Germany, the figure is around 1,500.

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