News - "26 percent of family offices invest in crypto"

By Mike Hesp

"26 percent of family offices invest in crypto"

A study by Goldman Sachs shows, among other things, whether and how much family offices invest in the crypto sector.

From a representatieve studie from Goldman Sachs shows that about 32 percent of the private family financial offices surveyed worldwide are currently active in the crypto sector. This includes investments in digital assets, NFTs or the DeFi-sector.

For the report, the investment bank surveyed 166 family offices in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia about their portfolios. In doing so, 26 percent of respondents said they invest directly in cryptocurrencies. In 2021, this figure was still at 16 percent.

As a motivation for their allocation, 19 percent said they believe in blockchain technology. Another eight percent said they also see crypto as a store of value.

For nine percent, their investment was simply to diversify their portfolio. Meanwhile, eight percent said they only wanted to speculate with cryptocurrencies.

Investments thus increased from the previous year. However, interest in the crypto sector seems to be waning with the berenmarkt. The number of family offices with no investment or no interest in future investment rose from 39 percent to 62 percent.

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