News - ADA price rises due to Cardano upgrade

By Sam Fröling

ADA price rises due to Cardano upgrade

Cardano (ADA)
ADA price rises, due to Cardano upgrade

The crypto market is in a green light. Cardano (ADA) in particular was able to rise extra thanks to a blockchain upgrade.

Earlier this week, developers released an upgrade that should make the Cardano blockchain more user-friendly. The 8.1.1 upgrade also changes the way epoch calculations are performed. This allows network processes to be accelerated during epoch change, according to the post on Github.

At the same time, the developers corrected problems related to P2P network communication and the Cardano-based domain name system.

ADA rises 8 percent in one day

Epochs refer to time periods on the Cardano blockchain, similar to the block time in Bitcoin. During these epochs, new blocks are produced on the network. Whether related to the upgrade or Bitcoin's price explosion, ADA is trading at $0.279 at the time of writing, up nearly 8 percent in one day.

Following a complaint by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the ADA stock price recently fell sharply. Cardano and other altcoins should all be classified as securities, according to the SEC statement.

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