News - Aelf announces first recipients grant for Aelevate program

By Sam Fröling

Aelf announces first recipients grant for Aelevate program

Aelf announces first recipients grant, for Aelevate program

Aelf, a powerful layer 1 blockchain network, has just announced the first grant recipients for the aelevate gaming program. Field of Dreams and Wizarre Stormfights are the lucky recipients of the Building Grant, the inaugural round of this program.

The aelevate program has received a huge response, indicating that game studios looking to enter the Web3 gaming industry are in desperate need of support. The program is designed to help game studios harness the potential of blockchain and provide them with a new revenue model, said Linda Ang, head of strategy at aelevate.

"Both established Web2 game studios and newcomers to the game industry can benefit from the comprehensive support aelevate offers. With Field of Dreams and Wizarre Stormfights on board aelevate's aelevate program, we are confident that we can enhance their Web3 journey and support them to increase their impact in the blockchain gaming industry," she adds.

Support for implementation to Web3

As an implementation to Web3 for game studios, aelevate provides financial support, technological and business assistance to successful applicants. The Building Grant focuses on helping recipients build on aelf's sidechain and integrate various dApps on the blockchain, including aelf's incubated account abstraction wallet and NFT platform for efficiently launching and managing in-game NFTs.

"Our mission at FPS is to take fantasy sports to the next level through Web3. We are excited to partner with AELF and be part of their first aelevate program. We look forward to working within the network and collaborating with partners worldwide to provide fans with a robust fantasy sports experience," said Rich, co-founder of Field of Dreams.

Focus on improving the player experience

The extensive integration of games on the aelf blockchain is aimed at improving the gaming experience. By building on aelf, games can provide enhanced security, foster new revenue models and create player-driven economies. All of this helps increase player engagement by creating and managing unique and verifiable in-game assets.

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