News - AI coins rise by as much as 150 percent due to Nvidia and OpenAI

By Luc Vesters

AI coins rise by as much as 150 percent due to Nvidia and OpenAI

Worldcoin (WLD)
Render (RNDR) (FET)
Singularity NET (AGIX)

AI tokens are well up this week. Some are up more than 100 percent. The reason: positive news from the AI sector. First from OpenAI, now from Nvidia.

  • Worldcoin has risen more than 160 percent in the past seven days, breaking through a market cap of one billion US dollars for the first time. The project is considered highly controversial and was co-founded by the founder of OpenAI. Recently, there was a new update.

  • rose 130 percent to a market capitalization of US$900 million. It is one of the oldest projects and has been on the market since 2017.

  • Fetch.AI rose 70 percent to a market capitalization of $950 million. In February, a partnership with Bosch and Telekom announced.

  • Render rose 50 percent to a market capitalization of $2.8 billion. The Solana project was already one of the outperformers of the year in 2023. Several big names from Hollywood and the entertainment industry are on board.

Earlier this week, OpenAI released a new tool called Sora. It allows videos to be created using commands. It is not yet publicly available, but there is already a lot of hype online. Here you can see a video of Sora:

On Thursday, February 22, 2024 published Nvidia also released its quarterly results and far exceeded prediction. The company brought in a total of US$12.29 billion, almost 800 percent more than the previous year. The American tech company, valued at US$1.8 trillion, symbolizes the AI hype in the traditional financial sector. Nvidia makes graphics cards. They are massively needed for the operation of artificial intelligence because they provide computing power.

Some projects, such as Render, attempt to meet this very need through decentralized architectures (DePin).

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