News - AI Coins rise sharply

By Mike Hesp

AI Coins rise sharply

In recent trading days, AI Coins have posted hefty gains. At the same time, shares of Nvidia fell 13 percent.

AI Coins are responding positively this week - and how. Within the last 24 hours, the sector's market capitalization rose 6.5 percent to $30 billion at the time of writing.

Trade volume within the sector rose nearly 40 percent to nearly $2.5 billion during the same period. Projects such as, SingularityNET and OCEAN all recorded double-digit gains in the past 24 hours (between 12 and 13 percent).

On a weekly basis, cryptocurrencies could rise as much as 42 percent. The price movement comes as a surprise. In the past, AI Coins often correlated with shares of chip manufacturer Nvidia. Shares of the U.S. company fell 13 percent yesterday., SingularityNET and OCEAN, meanwhile, are in the midst of a merger; they want to merge their projects.

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