News - Aldi promotes clothing in the "Metaverse

By Ted Maas

Aldi promotes clothing in the "Metaverse


With competitor Lidl selling its own clothing collection, Aldi also plans to launch new products. Aldi Süd, which operates in southern Germany, will launch a textile collection called ALDImania on the Metaverse starting July 31.

As Aldi explains in a press release, the collection includes clothing items such as T-shirts, shorts and socks, as well as beach towels and bags. "Those who can't wait to try on the new collection can do so for the first time with their digital avatar," explains the retail giant.

This is possible with ReadyPlayerMe's Metaverse technology. This is an avatar platform without blockchain integration. Aldi NFTs are therefore not yet available - at least for now. "With the new ALDImania collection in the Metaverse, ALDI SÜD aims to create new experiences for customers, specifically targeting a young audience", puts Aldi Süd uit.

"With the new collection for festival summer, we not only show that we offer cult clothing for everyone at a low price, but we are also the first supermarket to have a presence in the Metaverse with a digital collection," zegt Christian Göbel, Group Director Customer Interaction Marketing and Communication bij Aldi Süd.

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