News - Alibaba and Avalanche build Metaverse launchpad

By Mike Hesp

Alibaba and Avalanche build Metaverse launchpad

Avalanche (AVAX)
Alibaba and Avalanche build Metaverse launchpad

A partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche should make it easier for companies to build Metaverse projects.

The cloud division of Chinese tech company Alibaba has developed a launchpad for companies to set up Metaverse on the Avalanche blockchain. According to a blog post from Avalanche, "Cloudverse" is an end-to-end solution that allows companies to "seamlessly launch, customize and maintain their own Metaverse world."

In doing so, all of Cloudverse's blockchain elements, "including digital properties, wearables and other digital assets," are based on Avalanche. Avalanche will provide the technology to build the Metaverse worlds, while Alibaba Cloud will provide the compute and storage capacity.

"For Cloudverse deployment, Alibaba Cloud will provide scalable, highly efficient and secure cloud infrastructure. Including computing, storage, database and networking platforms," Avalanche said.

Ava Labs president, John Wu, said, "Cloudverse powered by Avalanche provides millions of customer-facing businesses with fast, cost-effective and centralized access to the Web3. We look forward to seeing businesses expand to the Cloudverse - and continue to shape the future with Alibaba Cloud."

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