News - Is Amazon working on its own ChatGPT?

By Mike Hesp

Is Amazon working on its own ChatGPT?

The Internet giant is looking for new employees to develop AI technology. Meanwhile, Amazon is working hard on its own version of ChatGPT.

Two posts on Amazon's job site indicate that the company plans to implement advanced AI search capabilities. In a vacature states, "We are working on a new AI-first initiative to redesign and reinvent search capabilities."

The salary for this position ranges from $119,000 to $231,400 per year, depending on the applicant's location. In the second vacancy Amazon is looking for a machine learning manager and will pay up to $261,500.

Recently presented the company's own basic artificial intelligence model. Called Bedrock, it is a "serverless" AI service that allows customers to develop their own ChatGPT-like models.

Meanwhile, the hype surrounding artificial intelligence is taking over the entire world. Even in the crypto industry, there are already crypto projects using AI.

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