News - US elections: Jack Dorsey backs pro-crypto candidate Kennedy

By Ted Maas

US elections: Jack Dorsey backs pro-crypto candidate Kennedy

Democrat and self-proclaimed Bitcoiner Robert Kennedy believes he can beat Donald Trump. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has voiced his support for Kennedy. The current CEO of Block Inc. shared a video of the Democratic presidential candidate on Twitter.

In the video, Robert Kennedy claims he can beat Republicans Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. Dorsey responded to the post with "He can and he will".

When asked by a user if Dorsey was supporting the candidate or just speculating about how the election would go, he replied "both".

Robert Kennedy Jr. is the nephew of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The environmental lawyer announced his candidacy for the upcoming 2024 U.S. elections on April 19 this year. Robert Kennedy Jr. is considered a strong supporter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but is still one of the outsiders among Democrats. He has also been criticized in the past for his views on anti-vaccination and conspiracy theories, in part by his own family members.

His opponent is Republican Ron DeSantis. He, too, recently announced his candidacy and is proponent of cryptocurrencies. Among Democrats, he is feared and is seen by many as a 'slimmere' version of Donald Trump.

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