News - Anthony Pompliano: "Bitcoin will be worth more than gold"

By Mike Hesp

Anthony Pompliano: "Bitcoin will be worth more than gold"

Bitcoin (BTC)
Price update

Bitcoin continues to correct and with it the crypto market. Anthony Pompliano explains in US media why he is not worried about this at all.

Bitcoin is correcting sharply this week. Nearly 15% in seven days, the most since Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Further global escalations, higher inflation: the fear of a sharp and prolonged correction is high, including in equity markets.

Not so for Anthony Pompliano: "I think Bitcoin will lead the recovery," he told Fox Business on April 17, 2024.

"I always tell people that if you buy Bitcoin and try to predict what the price will be an hour, a day, a week or even a month from now, that's probably a fool's errand. Instead, think of it this way: 'This is a savings technology,'" Pompliano also told CNBC.

What he means by that: Bitcoin as a digital store of value. "Bitcoin will one day be worth more than gold," he affirms.

His numbers are optimistic: Bitcoin is up 800 percent since its last halving four years ago, while gold has fallen and the U.S. dollar has lost value.

Prices in the crypto market have plummeted in recent days.

Many altcoins are down 40 percent or more from their highest price this year.

Even Bitcoin briefly dropped below $60,000.

The reasons for this slump are diverse: political, macroeconomic and partly in the crypto sector.

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