News - Apple rejects Bitcoin wallet Zeus

By Luc Vesters

Apple rejects Bitcoin wallet Zeus

According to a statement from Zeus founder Evan Kaloudis, Apple has rejected the latest version of the Bitcoin wallet using Lightning. According to the statement, the technology giant asked for "proof of the necessary licenses and permits to enable the transfer of cryptocurrencies." Otherwise, there is a risk of rejection by the App Store.

Zeus apparently violates Apple's app guidelines, which require proof of proper licensing - such as money transmitter licenses. However, many legal experts agree that unlicensed wallets like Zeus should not be classified as money transmitters.

The previous version of Zeus is still in the App Store. What changes should be made now remains to be seen.

Despite Metaverse's efforts, the billion-dollar company is making few friends in the crypto sector. Earlier this week, Apple took action against the donation feature on Nostr - a minor setback for Bitcoin adoption.

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