News - Apple sued for blocking crypto payments

By Luc Vesters

Apple sued for blocking crypto payments

Dissatisfied consumers should file a collective lawsuit filed against Apple for blocking P2P and crypto payments. The accusation: Apple uses "technological and contractual limitations to exercise unlimited control over any app installed on iPhones and iPads."

In addition, an "anti-competitive agreement" limits price competition and "the integration of decentralized cryptotechnology."

The next lawsuit: Apple has to answer for its actions in court I Source: Cointelegraph

This is not the first lawsuit Apple has faced. In April 2023, a court ruled in favor of Epic Games, which had been in a legal dispute with the California tech company since 2020. In addition to the creators of Fortnite, Coinbase and many other crypto companies are also at odds with Apple.

The company, which was founded in 1976, has also been feuding with decentralized social media platform Nostr. The iOS-compatible Damus app had to abandon the Bitcoin-donation function off. Users can still communicate with each other. However, there is a catch: if there is no donation feature, Damus is "a dead platform for Bitcoin applications," according to one developer. It remains to be seen whether the lawsuit against the billion-dollar company will be successful.

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