News - Argentina: Contracts can now be concluded in Bitcoin

By Ted Maas

Argentina: Contracts can now be concluded in Bitcoin

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Argentina recently gained a Bitcoin-friendly president in the person of Javier Milei. Those entering into contracts in Argentina no longer have to accept only the national currency. Bitcoin can also be included in the contract.

Javier Milei's libertarian course is now showing its first practical effects. As Foreign Minister Diana Mondino writes on the X-Platform, "contracts can [now] be entered into in Bitcoin."

However, the tweet is a marketing stunt. In reality, the government is merely liberalizing contract law. Instead of the national currency, the peso (ARS), contracts can now be made in any form that the contracting parties agree upon. Thus, you can also make a deal with milk or bags of rice. So there is no legal advantage to Bitcoin.

In Germany, by the way, contracts can be concluded with BTC. The only exception is the purchase of real estate.

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