News - Arthur Hayes: "This bull run could be more explosive than any before"

By Mike Hesp

Arthur Hayes: "This bull run could be more explosive than any before"

Bull run

Will this bull run be even more violent than the last? Some are talking about a "super cycle." Here's what Arthur Hayes says.

Are we experiencing this bull run in a super cycle? This has been the subject of speculation for months.

The theory is that prices could rise faster and much higher - but presumably also correct more sharply at the end.

When Arthur Hayes was asked about this in the Unchained podcast, he said, "This bull run could be more explosive than any before." He also warns that he expects an 80-95 percent crash in crypto prices at the end of the cycle. He does not want to predict how long this will last. However, he has to laugh at the concept of the "super cycle."

What could fuel this explosion: the global investor class and the proletariat (the working class) would slowly realize that they would not do well to invest only in stocks and government bonds and invest more in digital assets.

Hayes also believes the Halving will be a "sell the news" event. In other words, prices will fall. His prediction: "It will be boring."

He has also said this in the past.

Arthur Hayes is the co-founder of BitMEX. For a long time, it was one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

After months of a bull run, the crypto market experienced a bloodbath this week. Bitcoin's price fell 12 percent and altcoins plummeted.

The reasons: rising tensions between Iran and Israel, disappointing inflation figures and cooling memecoin hype.

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