News - Attackers steal $20 million from Revolut

By Ted Maas

Attackers steal $20 million from Revolut

Revolut 20 million stolen

Thanks to a system error, attackers stole $20 million from Revolut. Customers' assets, however, were not affected.

Attackers exploited an unknown flaw in Revolut's payment system in 2022 to steal more than $20 million. This reports the Financial Times, citing insider information. According to the report, the error was due to discrepancies and errors between Revolut's U.S. and European systems. In total, "organized criminal groups" 20 million US dollars stolen.

Revolut did not report the incident in 2022 nor has it taken a position since the recent disclosure. According to the statement, only corporate funds were cracked and thus did not affect customer accounts. The N26 competitor expanded its operational activities in 10 European countries - including Germany - in early 2022.

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