News - Author "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and founder BitMEX warn of financial crisis

By Ted Maas

Author "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and founder BitMEX warn of financial crisis

Auteur "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" en oprichter BitMEX waarschuwen voor financiële crisis

American banks are once again facing financial problems. If it is up to Robert Kiyosaki and Arthur Hayes, the time is ripe for a crash - and a million-dollar Bitcoin exchange rate.

The author of the financial bestseller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is sounding the alarm: because of economic instability and a perceived threat of bank failures. As Robert Kiyosaki says on X (formerly Twitter), "financial losers will lose money because they don't know what to do with their money if banks and the global economy collapses." To protect yourself from this, the author of the financial book recommends: "Buy gold, silver and Bitcoin." These assets are "parachutes for a soft [financial] landing," he continues.

Arthur Hayes has a similar viewpoint, criticizing the systemic problems in the traditional banking system. To overcome these problems, the U.S. Federal Reserve continues to print more money, inflating the banknotes in circulation.

According to BitMEX's founder, scarce assets such as gold and Bitcoin are likely to rise as a result. The cryptoreservation currency could rise to a million dollars per Bitcoin as a result. For Robert Kiyosaki, the expansion of money is also a reason why Bitcoin is predicted to rise to about US$135,000 - before the end of this year.

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