News - Ben "BitBoy" Armstrong arrested during livestream because of Lambo

By Ted Maas

Ben "BitBoy" Armstrong arrested during livestream because of Lambo

Scams, crime and fraud

Armed with a gun and a livestream audience, Bitboy wanted to confront his former business partner over a Lamborghini. The police did not take long to arrive and arrested the crypto-influencer.

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong (better known as BitBoy Crypto) was arrested during a livestream. This is according to data from the local police. It did not take long for the arrest to be seen on all crypto-related Twitter/X channels.

Before the YouTube stream began, BitBoy already stated that he "would soon go live from special location". About an hour later, the crypto-influencer was standing in front of the home of his former business partner Carlos Diaz. Pretty intimidating, as Armstrong reportedly had a gun hidden in the back seat of his car. Apparently, he wanted to "negotiate" with Diaz over ownership of his Lamborghini.

In late August, Hit Network, which operates the "BitBoy Crypto" brand, severed its connection with Ben Armstrong. The reason: problems with substance abuse and financial harm to employees. Armstrong has long been known to scam people, and this arrest will do his image little good either.

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