News - Beware of these phishing emails from Trezor and Ledger

By Ted Maas

Beware of these phishing emails from Trezor and Ledger

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Let op! Deze phishing mails van Trezor en Ledger gaan rond

Hardware wallet users beware. New phishing emails are currently circulating. The senders are posing as providers of Ledger and Trezor.

More and more users of the Trezor hardware wallet are currently reporting an increase in phishing emails. These emails ask customers to download a so-called "latest firmware update" "to fix a software problem." The emails were sent through the sender

These are phishing emails that extract the wallet's seedphrase. This allows the hackers to empty the contents of your wallet. Trezor already received a wave of similar phishing emails in April.

Ledger users have also received fraudulent emails in recent days asking them to update their two-factor authentication.

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