News - Beware of this MetaMask scam!

By Ted Maas

Beware of this MetaMask scam!

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A new scam is circulating in the crypto sector. Fraudsters used URLs of government websites to scam crypto investors into stealing crypto through the link.

From a fake government website, you are redirected to a fake MetaMask page. Official government websites from India, Nigeria, Egypt, Colombia, Brazil and Vietnam are reportedly used for these scams. Once a user sounds on one of the fraudulent links (on the so-called government websites), they are redirected to a fake homepage that is identical to MetaMask's. Metamask has the following to say about it:

The scammers attempt to gain access to the user's wallet - only to steal all assets from your real Metamask wallet. It is unclear whether other countries/government websites have been affected. It is therefore important that anyone using a MetaMask pay close attention. Look critically to see if you are on the correct environment and from which website you are being sent to your wallet.

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