News - Billionaire Mike Novogratz: "Bitcoin could go to $150,000"

By Mike Hesp

Billionaire Mike Novogratz: "Bitcoin could go to $150,000"

Crypto investor and billionaire Mike Novogratz gives his prediction for the Bitcoin price in a interview on CNBC.

"We will test the all-time highs very soon," he says. It probably won't be broken the first time, but after a few tries. The last all-time high was $69,000.

And then, according to him, it will really take off.

"If we break through the $69,000 barrier, it could go up to $150,000 or $125,000," Novogratz said.

If it is up to the star investor and billionaire, Bitcoin will soon leave its all-time high behind - and head for triple digits.

Supply and demand shock, Bitcoin spot ETFs and halving: some indicators suggest that this year will be marked by rising prices.

There are even reasons to believe that the "greatest bull-run of all time" is coming.

Bitcoin broke last week passed the $50,000 mark for the first time in two years. It is currently trading at $51,000.

Mike Novogratz is the founder of Galaxy Digital, one of the largest asset managers for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. The company manages about $8.1 billion in assets.

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