News - Binance continues to lose market share

By Mike Hesp

Binance continues to lose market share

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance again lost market share in the crypto market in September. Several lawsuits are pending against the exchange in the US.

The negative trend at Binance continues. The exchange's trading share in the crypto market shrank for the seventh month in a row.

In September, Binance's spot market share fell to 34.3 percent from 38.5 percent the previous month. In January, it was still at 55.2 percent.

Reasons include, according to Bloomberg "a lack of volatility and ongoing regulatory problems at the largest crypto exchange."

In the US sues CFTC and SEC Binance. One allegation is that the exchange engages in illegal securities trading.

Market shares have transferred to exchanges such as HTX, Bybit and DigiFinex.

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