News - Binance escapes lawsuit over Tinder fraud

By Ted Maas

Binance escapes lawsuit over Tinder fraud

Scams, crime and fraud

Divya G. met a man on Tinder and sent him eight million dollars. She then sued Binance over the theft.

Indeed, there is no evidence that the crypto-exchange assisted in the theft of approximately US$8 million, according to the details of the lawsuit. The U.S. citizen in question, Divya G., had met a man on Tinder who "promised her romance and financial prosperity".

After she transferred eight million dollars to the alleged fraudster's address, she quickly questioned the "authenticity" of her relationship. The woman filed a lawsuit in March 2022 Against Binance and others. According to the indictment, the world's largest crypto-exchange would have been involved in the alleged fraud. However, the responsible judge now ruled that Divya G. "no fact can present how Binance was actually involved in this case".

These so-called romance scams are unfortunately common. On average, victims lose about US$15,000 per person.

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