News - Bitcoin & altcoins rise again

By Luc Vesters

Bitcoin & altcoins rise again

Bitcoin (BTC)
Price update

The world briefly held its breath over the weekend. A large-scale Iranian attack on Israel created tension - including in the financial markets. This uncertainty manifested itself in a huge slump for the crypto market

Altcoins were particularly affected by the crash. Their prices lost about 20 percent in value on average. But at the beginning of the week, the situation in the crypto market seems to have recovered.

Bitcoin could clearly break free from its interim low of around USD 61,700. At the time of writing, BTC is trading at USD 66,483 - a price increase of nearly 8 percent. The picture is similar for most altcoins. Only Celestia (TIA) has lost ground with an 8 percent drop in the past 24 hours.

The trend in total market capitalization also shows that investors are taking a deep breath. While it stood just below $2.2 trillion at the height of the crash, the figure has now risen to $2.43 trillion. An increase of nearly 10 percent.

The possible admission of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong also gives cause for hope. A decision on the admission of financial products will be made this week in China's Special Administrative Region.

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