News - Bitcoin soon to hit $135,000?

By Mike Hesp

Bitcoin soon to hit $135,000?

The author of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki, believes Bitcoin may soon reach the $135,000 mark.

Is the long bear market over, is the bull market coming and with it higher prices in the crypto market? There are a number of factors pointing in that direction. And now someone is speaking out who should know: Robert Kiyosaki.

The author of the financial self-help classic "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" recently ventured into the crystal ball on X (formerly Twitter).

Investors who did not get into gold below $2,000 would soon be irritated - because according to Kiyosaki, a gold rally is imminent from $2,100.

But the celebrated investment guru didn't just speculate about impending bull markets in the analog sector. He also commented on the digital counterpart:

Thus, he goes by the current BTC price of over $30,000 from that the "next stop" for Bitcoin will be at $135,000.

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