News - Bitcoin criticism put to the test: Fidelity takes action

By Sam Fröling

Bitcoin criticism put to the test: Fidelity takes action

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Bitcoin criticism put to the test:, Fidelity takes action

In a new report, asset manager Fidelity debunks common criticisms of Bitcoin. A sign that the first marketing activities for Bitcoin spot ETFs are already being undertaken.

The crypto division of investment giant Fidelity regularly publishes reports on crypto topics. Fidelity DIGITAL ASSETS went into the November publication in on the ten most common criticisms of Bitcoin. Under the title "Revisiting Persistent Bitcoin Critisms" gives the world's third-largest asset manager a factual rebuttal to the sometimes persistent reservations about BTC.

"Bitcoin is too volatile", "Bitcoin is bad for the environment" or "Bitcoin may be overtaken by competitor", for example, are three of the ten statements to which Fidelity provides an answer. With this elaboration, the asset manager shows it is pro-BTC.

BlackRock also speaks positively about Bitcoin

Competitor BlackRock is also trying to get its clients in the mood with positive statements about BTC For a spot ETF. Whether through CEO Larry Fink, or Walle analysis suggesting that BTC is a smart addition to your wallet.

As factual and informative as this Wall Street giant's research on crypto is, it is primarily aimed at attracting their own customers to their crypto products. Meanwhile, Fidelity and BlackRock's Bitcoin spot ETFs are likely to be admitted at the same time. After all, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) does not want to favor any player and create unfair competitive conditions.

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