News - Bitcoin drops again to $55,000

By Mike Hesp

Bitcoin drops again to $55,000

After falling on Friday, Bitcoin rebounded over the weekend. Now, however, the sell-off continues: BTC is losing value.

In the night of July 7 to 8 is Bitcoin from $57,000 to temporarily $54,450 decreased. At the time of writing, the leading crypto currency is listed at $55,505, with a daily loss of nearly four percent.

Ethereum, Solana and others are also losing value overnight. The total market capitalization is at $2.04 billion.

With the continued sell-off in recent weeks, greed in the crypto market has given way to fear. The Fear & Greed Index shows only 35 points see. By comparison, this value was still at 91 in mid-March.

The overnight sell-off began simultaneously with the opening of Asian trading markets. How Bitcoin will react at the start of U.S. markets remains to be seen.

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