News - Bitcoin Hodl Day: 10 years ago today

By Mike Hesp

Bitcoin Hodl Day: 10 years ago today

Bitcoin (BTC)

Those focused on the long-term growth of Bitcoin, does not sell - even in bad times. That's what the word "HODL" means.

Exactly 10 years ago, on December 18, 2013, the anonymous Bitcoiner "GameKyyubi" wrote a post on the forum headlined "I AM HODLING."

In it, he described that his girlfriend was in a lesbian bar and the Bitcoin price had collapsed. Despite all the advice to sell, he decided to do the opposite and hold on to the coins.

GameKyyubi justified this by saying he was just a bad trader. He excused the typo by saying he was drunk at the time.

Hodl later became an acronym for "Hold On for Dear Life" and refers to not selling even when the market is volatile and underperforming.

The term has since become a strategy used by people who admit they lack the skills to make successful short-term trades.

The term also inspired the creation of a similar term, Buidl, which is often used by the crypto industry to refer to the many types of applications being developed within the blockchain industry.

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