News - "Bitcoin is back": interest in BTC increases worldwide

By Luc Vesters

"Bitcoin is back": interest in BTC increases worldwide

"Bitcoin is back," it is often said these days. Whether from friends, family or the press, everyone is talking about the No. 1 cryptocurrencies again. This can be measured. Such as data from Google Trends show, there has been a global increase in search volume for "Bitcoin."

And people in Germany are also becoming increasingly interested in Bitcoin again. The most attention to cryptocurrencies is in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Berlin. Saxony-Anhalt takes the last place.

South Germany tops the list I Source: Google Trends

This trend is consistent with other countries. Globally, interest in Bitcoin has been increasing since late October. El Salvador has the most searches in the world - no wonder, since the country has declared cryptocurrencies as its national currency. Nigeria and Brazil follow next.

All over the world people are Googling Bitcoin I Source: Google Trends

The data from Google Trends are not absolute numbers, but rather the ratio of certain search terms to the total number of searches.

The highest level of this ratio in a given period results in the value 100. For example, a value of 50 means that a search term was searched for only half as often in the given week compared to the week before.

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