News - "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver released on bail

By Luc Vesters

"Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver released on bail

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Roger Ver, an early investor in Bitcoin, was arrested in Spain in early May over a tax dispute with U.S. prosecutors. He has since been provisionally released on bail. This was reported by Bloomberg. Ver deposited 150,000 euros and had to surrender his passport to Spanish authorities. The 45-year-old must also appear in court every two days.

In the US, the Department of Justice has filed charges against "Bitcoin Jesus." The starting point was a Bitcoin sale in 2017, with which Ver realized a total of US$240 million. He allegedly failed to pay a total of US$50 million in taxes.

In 2014, Ver renounced his U.S. citizenship and became a citizen of the Caribbean state of Saint Kitts and Nevis. However, this did not relieve him of his tax obligations.

His lawyer, Jaime Campaner, denied rumors that his client was on the run. According to him, Ver "is not on the run at all. He is in contact with U.S. authorities through his lawyers in California." He is aware of the investigations against him. But his arrest "makes no sense at all," Campaner continued.

Time after time, there are cases where early crypto investors get in trouble with the IRS because of their sales.

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