News - Bitcoin Lightning: vulnerability discovered in network

By Ted Maas

Bitcoin Lightning: vulnerability discovered in network

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The Bitcoin Lightning network enables lightning-fast BTC transfers - offchain. Unfortunately, there is less news, namely a vulnerability discovered.

The Bitcoin Lightning network enables lightning-fast transactions of BTC. Now a vulnerability has been discovered that could theoretically compromise the security of BTC sent through the network. This is the result of a report published by Bitcoin developer Antoine Riard.

The attacks are so-called "replacement cycling attacks", which it that the so-called "hash time locked contracts" (HTLC) attacks. These attacks break the normal flow of transactions and cause delays. Delays that are not desired on a ''lightning fast' network'.

Still, there is good news. In fact, the report gives the green light (for now): These attacks are in fact possible, but have not yet occurred in the past 10 months. In addition, measures have already been taken to fix the vulnerability. According to the report, all major Lightning network deployments have the relevant patches.

Still, Riard doubts that these measures are actually enough to stop clever hackers. The vulnerability he discovered could also affect a number of other Bitcoin protocols and applications in a modified form, according to the Bitcoin developer. With the release of the report, Riard simultaneously announced his departure from the Lightning project.

"Effective immediately, I am terminating my involvement in Lightning network development and deployments, including coordinating the handling of protocol-level security issues," Riard said.

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