News - Bitcoin reaches "at least one million US dollars" by 2030

By Mike Hesp

Bitcoin reaches "at least one million US dollars" by 2030

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BTC will reach "at least one million US dollars" by 2030. For Jack Dorsey, however, Bitcoin is more than just its price.

In a interview yesterday, May 9, Bitcoin maximalist Jack Dorsey gave his opinion on the BTC price: the cryptocurrency will rise to "at least one million US dollars" by 2030.

However, it is very likely that Bitcoin will surpass this price and rise even higher in the future, Dorsey continued.

"The most amazing thing about Bitcoin, apart from its genesis, is that everyone who works on it gets paid with it or buys it for themselves," the Twitter founder added.

Bitcoin is also a "fascinating ecosystem," which Dorsey has learned a lot from. In any case, since leaving Twitter, he has focused on the cryptocurrency, founded his own company and now sends wallets based on MultiSig.

In addition to Dorsey, the Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood convinced that Bitcoin will reach one million US dollars by 2030. The adoption of Bitcoin Spot ETFs has raised prediction even higher. However, it refrained from naming a specific value in US dollars.

Big price predictions, little substance: however, a physicist claims to have found a formula according to which the cryptocurrency is destined to soar to a million dollars. You can read all about it in this article: Why BTC could rise to a million US dollars

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