News - Bitcoin wallet from Satoshi era active again

By Mike Hesp

Bitcoin wallet from Satoshi era active again

Bitcoin wallet addresses keep popping up from the days when Satoshi Nakamoto was still active. What were once penny amounts have now become assets.

The wait paid off: after 14 years, 50 Bitcoin Of an old miner-wallet transferred to Binance. In 2010, according to the On-Chain service Lookonchain were mined, the price per Bitcoin was still below one U.S. dollar. Today, the total value is just over three million US dollars.

Again and again, Bitcoin from the Satoshi period, the time when the anonymous creator of the cryptocurrency was still active on the Bitcointalk forum, is moved. Often these come from former or still active miners. Until the first Halving in 2012, the block reward was at 50 Bitcoin.

In May, a greater movement of "old" Bitcoin place, when 1,000 BTC with a total value of more than $60 million were transferred. Satoshi Nakamoto posted his last message in December 2010.

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