News - Bitcoin whale moves 2 billion in BTC

By Sam Fröling

Bitcoin whale moves 2 billion in BTC

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Bitcoin whale verplaatst, 2 miljard aan BTC

After four years of silence, a Bitcoin whale recently moved BTC worth US$2 billion. Here is all the information about the transaction.

Like the crypto portal Coinpaprika reports, yesterday on Jan. 16, $2 billion worth of Bitcoin that had been inactive since 2019 was moved. According to the report, the BTC had been largely inactive since 2013 and had only moved for one transaction in 2019.

The addresses involved are across a large number that have always been active together so far, thus indicating a single owner. In the most recent transaction, BTC was transferred from 49 addresses to 5 that now each own between US$380 million and US$480 million in Bitcoin.

Uncertainty about the owner

It remains uncertain to whom these BTC belong. However, a large amount of BTC is being transferred these days as part of approved Bitcoin Spot ETF applications. Grayscale, for example, recently moved 9,000 Bitcoin worth $385 million to Coinbase. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price stands at $42,676, which is 0.5 percent below yesterday's price and 6.7 percent below last week's price.

Read why Grayscale's competitor recently bought 11,500 Bitcoin here: Bitcoin ETF: Why BlackRock is buying 11,500 BTC.

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