News - Bitcoin whale pulls $400 million from Binance

By Mike Hesp

Bitcoin whale pulls $400 million from Binance

Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, crypto whales are abandoning the crypto exchange Binance. A BTC billionaire has moved his Bitcoin to "safety''.

From data from WhaleAlert reveals that a Bitcoin whale has sent about 15,000 BTC from Binance an unknown cryptowallet.

The unknown investor paid only $4.86 in fees for the transaction, which totaled about $395.8 million. A total of 130,177 BTC are currently on the billion-dollar wallet.

Last month there was already an increase in larger transactions on the blockchain, including one transfer of 500 million US dollars in Bitcoin.

Investors are alarmed following the SEC's complaint against the world's largest crypto exchange. A BNB whale previously paid out about $2.3 million at a price of $230.

Currently, the Binance Coin is trading back at US$241. Bitcoin stands at US$26,819 with a price increase of nearly three percent over the past seven days.

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