News - BlackRocks RWA Fund rises to more than $500 million

By Mike Hesp

BlackRocks RWA Fund rises to more than $500 million

Four months, 400 percent growth: BlackRock's Real World Assets fund is expanding at an explosive pace.

BlackRock is making great strides in Doing business with Real World Assets. In March 2023, the largest asset manager on Ethereum launched a Real World Assets fund.

At the time, it was $100 million. Now it has broken the $500 million mark.

That is 100 percent growth per month.

The associated token BUIDL is now used as collateral by several DeFi protocols specializing in RWA, including Ondo Finance.

US government bonds and loans are especially tokenized. The market for these now stands at $1.8 billion.

The RWA Sector replaced Memecoins as the most profitable branch of the industry in the second quarter of 2024.

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