News - Blockchain Games: the new way to make money?

By Mike Hesp

Blockchain Games: the new way to make money?

Blockchain gaming has gained momentum with titles like Axie Infinity or The Sandbox. Is it still worthwhile?

Blockchain games combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with gaming. In the process, money can be earned in the form of cryptocurrencies while playing. During the bull run in 2021, the prices of the associated in-game currencies exploded, so it may well be worth your time in the games. But what about today?

Blockchain games: is it worth it?

Anyone looking at blockchain games from an investment perspective should always keep in mind that many of the games depend on current market conditions. So if you gamble a lot in the bear market and diligently collect NFTs and in-game currencies, you stand a good chance that the assets will develop positively in value in the bull market. If you have good timing and don't get too greedy, you can profit from the respective games.

In the bull market, however, it can also be the other way around. Perhaps one earns the in-game currencies and enjoys short-term price increases. However, if a correction occurs or the market turns into a bear rally, this can quickly pulverize profits. So again, good timing is needed.

Speaking of which, the crypto market is moving very quickly and you can never predict exactly which game will survive the market cycles.

Conclusion: gambling with a risk factor

The bottom line here is that only one thing helps: try it out. In all likelihood, you won't make big money with blockchain games, even if you do everything right. However, if you are still in the gaming world, you can try out blockchain games.

With most of these games, you can get started without having to invest your own capital. The best example: digital collectible card games such as Sorare or NBA Topshot. Here, players collect soccer or basketball players in NFT form and have them compete against each other. Those with a good hand can win valuable trading cards and sell them on marketplaces.

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