News - Breaking: Bitcoin reaches new all-time high

By Ted Maas

Breaking: Bitcoin reaches new all-time high

Bitcoin bereikt nieuwe all-time high maar blijft volatiel

On March 5, 2024, Bitcoin once again surprised the financial world by reaching a new all-time high, with a record high of about $69,350

This new record marks a historic milestone for the cryptocurrency, as it reaches its highest value ever, counted in dollars. However, right after reaching this new price record, the Bitcoin price showed significant volatility. The price of BTC fell significantly, with a rapid drop of more than 3% within seconds of reaching its peak. Nevertheless, the market recovered remarkably quickly, recovering above $68,000.

The current market situation shows that despite historical highs, the market is still highly volatile. Bitcoin's total market capitalization currently stands at $1.349 trillion. Since the beginning of 2024, Bitcoin has shown an impressive increase in value of more than 60%, indicating increasing trust and acceptance within the crypto market.

Earlier this year, Bitcoin has broken price records in both dollars and euros, highlighting the growing interest and investment in the crypto sector. Investors and market analysts are watching closely as the crypto market continues to evolve and reach new highs.

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