News - British police achieve major success in Bitcoin fraud case

By Luc Vesters

British police achieve major success in Bitcoin fraud case

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One might think that European authorities are hell bent on lining their pockets for the Halving. After the spectacular seizure of 50,000 Bitcoin in Saxony, British police have now also seized billions in cryptocurrency. London police seized more than 61,000 Bitcoin in connection with a suspected fraud.

The suspected fraudsters were discovered trying to buy a £23.5 million mansion in North London. The suspect is Jian Wen, a 42-year-old Chinese national who has been a British citizen since 2018. However, Southwark Crown Court, where the proceedings are taking place, is not charging Wen with alleged crypto fraud, but with money laundering. Wen denies the charges. She did not know where the BTC came from.

According to Sky News acts Zhimin Qian in the background. A person said to have captured the digital gold treasure using a crypto fraud scheme. Qian is still a fugitive. Whether Jian Wen can be convicted of money laundering depends on whether she can credibly prove that she was actually unaware of the origin of the money.

Prosecutor Gillian Jones says Wen initially pretended she had mined the BTC. She later reportedly said the Bitcoin was a gift for the £23 million home. Wen and Qian reportedly lived an extravagant lifestyle. The two reportedly traveled around Europe and bought luxury watches with the BTC they sold. Before Jian met Wen Zhimin Qian, the person worked in a Chinese snack restaurant.

In Germany, anti-money laundering regulations prohibit the purchase of properties in cryptocurrencies. Just yesterday, Jan. 30, the Saxon police seize 50,000 Bitcoin. The coins came from the movie2k complex. At the current exchange rate, they are worth two billion dollars.

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