News - Cardano: DDoS attack backfires

By Luc Vesters

Cardano: DDoS attack backfires

Block No. 10,487,530 on Cardano was hit by a failed DDoS attack last night, as Raul Antonio, CTO of Fluid Tokens, announced on X. According to him, the attack aimed to manipulate the blockchain so that "large transactions could be sent while spending as little as possible."

"The network had more pressure than normal, causing some stake pool operators to experience problems due to increased competition for Block Height. Nevertheless, the blockchain as a whole is functioning as expected, with hardly any delays in transaction times," Cardano project Intersect summarized the incident.

The attacker could also have removed the ADA tokens used from the network in the event of a successful attack. However, developers reacted quickly and a node upgrade was able to avert the attack. The attacker eventually ended the DDoS attack.

As Philip Disarro, founder and CEO of Anastasia Labs, explained, the attacker's assets could be withdrawn in exchange:

"Thanks for the free money, idiot. Really ironic that the attacker, who presumably wanted to damage the ecosystem, ended up donating to the open source smart contract development work we do."

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