News - Celsius deposits 41,000 Ethereum in a staking pool

By Mike Hesp

Celsius deposits 41,000 Ethereum in a staking pool

Ethereum (ETH)

To generate capital for the Chapter 11 restructuring, Celsius deposited 41,000 ETH into an Ethereum staking pool.

From blockchain data it appears that insolvent cryptocurrency lender Celsius put about $75 million into Ether (ETH) last week. According to Etherscan, Celsius transferred nearly 41,000 ETH to the aggregation smart contract "Figment ETH2 Beacon Depositor 1."

The deposit allows the crypto borrower to generate additional capital during the restructuring process. Figment offers an annualized return of 5.6 percent in the process. To generate further profits, Celsius also holds more than $750 million in stETH on strike platform Lido Finance.

On-chain data suggest that last Monday Celsius had a test recording of 0.1 stETH has executed. As a result, rumors spread on Twitter that the cryptocurrency lender plans to withdraw the approximately 425,015 stacked ETH.

Since the June 2022 bankruptcy, billions of US dollars have been stuck in the bankruptcy estate of Celsius. As of March, some investors were able to withdraw money again.

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