News - Charles Hoskinson confuses ADA community

By Mike Hesp

Charles Hoskinson confuses ADA community

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson posts cryptic tweets on X. Now the ADA community is confused: what could he mean?

"We did it 46c95d04c238df47dbbbad3ea70823f581594ea0c4e3bfabb4626e557dfc7a45." wrote Charles Hoskinson last Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024, on X (formerly Twitter). Since then, his followers have been wondering what the founder of Cardano could have meant by this combination of letters and numbers.

Initial reactions were stunned. "What have we done?" wrote @davidfoley1987. @RichardMcCrackn followed, "What did we do?" The first jokes were also quick: "That's my WiFi password!" or, "I don't know what that means, but I sent all my ADA."

Serious attempts at explanation, however, were soon mixed in with the replies. "Looks like a SHA256 message whose contents will be explained later," wrote @StakewithPride, before the crypto tutorial account @explain_briefly dialed in, "This string of letters and numbers is probably a SHA-256 encrypted message. It can be used as proof that you know certain information without actually revealing that information."

But a reference to the results of a "Quantum Workshop" by Cardano and Ethereum scientists could also be hidden behind Hoskinson's tweet, as @VianneyKw writes. And adds, "Did they manage to cut the signatures on the first day?".

The crypto sector and the Cardano fan community will likely have to wait for the answer until Charles Hoskinson himself sheds some light on the matter.

The founder of Cardano has recently attracted attention on X with memorable tweets. He recently wrote about his meditation cycles, posted AI images of Trump and Biden and reposted a speech by Javier Milei.

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