News - Charles Hoskinson responds to criticism of Cardano

By Ted Maas

Charles Hoskinson responds to criticism of Cardano

Charles Hoskinson won't simply accept accusations that Cardano is "dead." On X, the 36-year-old responds to his critics.

Price performance in recent months gave Cardano investors little reason to rejoice. ADA was able to benefit very little from the rally in the spring. Now the coin, like many other cryptocurrencies, has fallen sharply.

The project keeps receiving criticism, especially because developer activity is relatively low. Some even go so far as to say Cardano is dead. For example BitBoy, a crypto-influencer, who wrote on X: "I want to be clear. Recently I said that DOT (Polkadot) and ADA (Cardano) are both dead. Both are not legitimate investments."

He nuanced his statement by pointing out that the projects could still experience pumps. "But the returns will be mediocre", he concluded. His assessment caused great outrage in the Cardano community. Even Charles Hoskinson, founder of the ADA development company IOG, made his voice heard.

He said, "I remember that the purpose of cryptocurrencies was to replace institutions, rather than reenact a scene from Deliverance." Hoskinson here refers to the 1970s film of the same name, which became famous for a brutal abuse scene, among other things.

That the network works in any case, Cardano was able to prove recently in a repelled DDoS attack. Incidentally, BitBoy also made the news in September when, armed, he tried to hold a business partner accountable for an argument over a Lamborghini. Police subsequently arrested the American.

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