News - Circle launches EURC on Solana

By Mike Hesp

Circle launches EURC on Solana

Solana is the latest blockchain network on which Circle will operate in the future with its EURC. Meanwhile, competition is increasing in Europe.

Circle is expanding the availability of its euro stablecoin EURC. The US company announced this on Monday in a press release.

The blockchain of Solana is a new addition. After Avalanche, Ethereum and Stellar, it is the fourth network on which Circle now operates.

"Developers can now build on Solana and execute transactions in both EURC and USDC," the company writes.

Circle is optimistic about the upcoming European MiCA regulations, which include stablecoins.

However, crypto regulation is also attracting new competitors in the stablecoin sector. Last week announced AllUnity to want to launch a euro stablecoin.

For Solana, this is another step toward mass adoption. The crypto network has scored high in recent weeks with a huge price increase, piquing the interest of many investors. According to The Block, Google searches for Solana have increased 250 percent in the last two months alone.

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