News - Coinbase dreams of one billion crypto users

By Luc Vesters

Coinbase dreams of one billion crypto users

Crypto acceptance

Base, the new Web3 platform of crypto exchange Coinbase, went live yesterday. It is to become a hub for crypto adoption. One billion users is the intended goal.

"Bringing the masses to blockchain will accelerate a global, decentralized financial system that will increase economic freedom worldwide," a company spokesperson said on a BTC-ECHO call. With Base, "Onchain will become the next online" and "one billion users will be integrated into the crypto economy."

The upcoming "Onchain Summer" advertising campaign is designed to provide startup help. Meanwhile, brands such as Coco Cola are releasing NFT collections.

"We hope our mainnet and onchain Summer initiatives will drive adoption and innovation," Coinbase told BTC-ECHO. "Over the next three years, at best, we will be closer to helping the next billion users on the blockchain."

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