News - Coinbase to launch layer 2 blockchain "Base" next week

By Mike Hesp

Coinbase to launch layer 2 blockchain "Base" next week


Starting Aug. 9, users can transfer Ether to Base. The "On-Chain-Summer" advertising campaign is designed to generate enthusiasm for the platform.

Base will be open to the public starting Aug. 9. The development team announced this yesterday, Aug. 3, on X (formerly Twitter). The 2-layer solution has been accessible to developers and tech-savvy users since July.

Coinbase released a user interface for the official bridge, allowing end users to transfer cryptos to the blockchain for the first time without resorting to developer tools.

The "On-Chain-Summer" marketing campaign is designed to attract additional users. Each day, developers will "bring you something fun to play on the Chain, with art, music, games, advocacy and more."

The team announced that between Aug. 9 and Sept. 13, it will award ETH grants to individuals or groups who create Base-related websites, artwork and videos, or deploy new protocols on the network. In addition, users who transfer crypto to the platform or complete certain tasks will receive NFTs.

Recently, Base attracted attention with the Memecoin "BALD."

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