News - Comeback van Friend.Tech? Controversieel platform bereikt nieuwe recordhoogte

By Ted Maas

Comeback van Friend.Tech? Controversieel platform bereikt nieuwe recordhoogte


Nearly US$20 million in daily trading volume: The crypto platform Friend.Tech is recovering from the crash - and immediately breaking old records.

This week, trading volume rose to nearly US$20 million and counted 16,000 daily active users on Wednesday. The number of buyers (155,00) and sellers (75,000) also reached new record highs. There is speculation about the reasons for the comeback.

For example, trader Hsaka, one of the leading crypto influencers, thinks many people have discovered yield farming. Friend.Tech launched in August 2023 on Base, Coinbase's Layer2 blockchain.

Through Friend.Tech, one can buy and sell tokens through a network. So you can sell tokens yourself, but also buy influencers' tokens, for example. This can be done through exclusive access of chat rooms. Obviously, this sounds like a recipe for scams and scams. Yet Friends.Tech is climbing back up after a false start. The program had more than 100,000 users and US$25 million in revenue after just two weeks. Shortly thereafter, the number of users dropped 90 percent. After the collapsed hype, Friends.Tech seems to be climbing back up.

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