News - Consensys launches Layer 2 solution Linea

By Sam Fröling

Consensys launches Layer 2 solution Linea

Consensys launches, Layer 2 solution Linea

The race for the best Layer 2 scaling goes into the next round. With Linea, the makers of the popular Metamask wallet are launching a ZK roll-up solution.

Consensys, the company behind the popular cryptowallet Metamask, has launched a Layer- 2 project called Linea. The company made this known on July 11 in a blog post. Linea is a Layer- 2 solution that uses ZK rollups to scale and is compatible with Ethereum apps. The goal: to make Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper.

Matamask compatible with Linea

The launch follows a successful testnet phase in which 5.5 million wallets reportedly completed more than 46 million transactions in three months. According to Consensys, this makes Linea one of the most active projects on Ethereum's Goerli testnet. The MetaMask wallet is compatible with Linea. Users will gain access to Linea through the MetaMask wallet and MetaMask's bridge, swap and trade features in the coming weeks.

"The next chapter of Web3 is being written by Ethereum's L2s. And Linea is poised to become an important trusted Layer 2 environment for scalable dApps," Wrote Consensys on Twitter.

The network is expected to be available to users starting next week during the Ethereum Community Conference.

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