News - Craig Wright suffers another courtroom defeat

By Ted Maas

Craig Wright suffers another courtroom defeat

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Alleged Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright suffers another defeat in court. At the same time, new legal charges are coming for the so-called Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig Wright feels misunderstood by the world. The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor is considered a fraud and con artist by the majority of the crypto industry. This was also the case with Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack, who publicly discredited him. In a London lawsuit, Wright sued the podcaster for reputational damage. But instead of receiving thousands of British pounds in damages, the three judges ruled in McCormack's favor yesterday, July 26.

The judges had thus awarded the symbolic damages of one British pound (1.17 euros). For the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto, this is obviously a humiliation. So the prospects for cryptoblogger Hodlonaut, who has also been sued by Craig Wright and for whom McCormack is now also demanding support, look good. Meanwhile, the many lawsuits are costing Wright dearly. Just yesterday, July 25, the British court ordered Wright to pay £400,000 in legal fees to litigate another lawsuit.

That one is about him suing crypto exchanges Coinbase and Kraken for offering trading in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash without his permission. For "Satoshi Nakamoto," an infringement of his intellectual property.

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