News - Cristiano Ronaldo sued for collaborating with Binance

By Ted Maas

Cristiano Ronaldo sued for collaborating with Binance

The global star advertised the controversial crypto exchange Binance. Now a class action lawsuit has been filed against Cristiano.

The football star helped the company to "unrecorded effects" on the market, the lawsuit said. Cristiano Ronaldo had had an advertising deal with the company since mid-2022, including his own NFT collections.

Binance is currently under heavy fire in America. The largest crypto exchange must pay a $4.3 billion fine following a settlement with the Justice Department. Founder Changpeng Zhao had to resign and may also have to go to jail. His sentence runs until February 2024. The SEC still has a lawsuit pending against the exchange for fraud, among other things. It seems that the exchange did not play by the rules for years and must now pay for this.

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